Integration of the divine feminine principal in all living beings and new world. Bridging holistic wholeness with resonance, nourishment and the holy.  Creating authentic being and wellness.


You are whole and magnificent by grand design. My mission is for you to reconnect and remember the embodied sound of your own being.  This is the healing gesture the collective and planet are seeking and waiting for.


Are you ready?

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Dipika Delmenico is an Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner, Anthroposophic Naturopath, speaker, teacher and bestselling author. She has been practicing traditional holistic medicine clinically for more than 25 years, having worked with thousands of patients globally bridging ancient healing wisdom with evolving human potential. A changemaker and visionary in service to the great feminine, she’s founder of Conscious Woman Rising and The Wisdom Circle.



Working with the wholeness of woman – her cycles, seasons and life transitions – establishing and integrating  rhythm is fundamental for wellness.  


Everything begins with woman being well. Our children, our good men, family and community health all depend upon it.

Locally and globally, when womankind is well, we all thrive!

Dedicated to the wisdom and resonance of healing gesture itself, Dipika views health and wellness through a holistic lens. And, of course, how it translates to adaptation of modern living.  That means, how do you thrive and embody your divine sovereignty.


Through her depth and breadth of healing arts through Ayurveda, anthroposophical medicine and Yoga of Sound, Dipika dives deep into the how and what to be truly well.


Devoted to all things holy, source itself, she brings a depth of understanding, clarity and wisdom to her work which constantly creates potent, transforming life changing benefits.  She’s developed laser insight and sensitivity in reading a person’s physical, feeling, mind and soul hygiene via pulse reading and highly refined holistic observation.  It’s penetrating knowingness!


Dipika works with all kinds of people just like you, but has particular focus in women's health, pedagogical health and heart-centred conscious leadership.


For decades Dipika ran busy clinical practices in Melbourne, Sydney and Surfcoast, Victoria as well as consulting with international patients globally.  She now sees very limited private practice patients while focusing on writing, training and mentorship.  


She is the founder of The Radiant Woman Wellness Programs, presents, teaches global programs and  trainings, including The Mentorship Program for holistic health professionals.


Dipika is also the founder of Conscious Woman Rising, dedicated to sustainable feminine leadership for consciously evolving our world. 


Dr. Rudolf Steiner once said that to understand life, one must study the rhythms of nature. Dipika is all about getting into our authentic rhythm and understanding the true nature of all things!



Dipika is a registered Anthroposophic Naturopathic Practitioner and has been practicing traditional medicine for more than 25 years.  She is among a select few of Anthroposophic Naturopaths globally to have met the qualifying training criteria for certified endorsement by the School of Medical Science of the Geotheanum, Switzerland.


Dipika has has trained for more than two decades in Ayushakti Ayurveda under the practical tuition of world renowned Master Vaidyas Dr. Pankaj Naram and Dr. Smita Naram, in their Mumbai and international clinics and centres. She boasts extensive practical experience in Ayurveda, and is steeped in functional and practical Ayurvedic psychology and the art of pulse reading.  


Dipika is also an accredited teacher of Nāda Yoga, The Yoga of Sound, having completed her 200RYT training in Hawaii and India, and Teaching Assistant to the Heart of Sound Teacher Training Faculty. 


She teaches live trainings, workshops and retreats  as well as online courses and coaching bringing Sānskrit mantra and sound based practices into the core of her work, therapeutically. 


In 2001 she established Amrita Ayurveda, bringing Ayushakti Ayurveda to Australia and New New Zealand, creating clinics in major cities and helping to establish practitioner training for health practitioners in these countries.  
Dipika is the best selling author The Ayurvedic Woman, contributing author of best seller, Shine Your Light.


Dipika leads The Wisdom Circle, a global community dedicated to their conscious healing and courageous authentic embodiment. This rich circle is about establishing compassionate connectedness, communion and wholeness with self and life.