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A conscious woman rises to remember the sound of her authentic voice and whole nature. She becomes the healing gesture the world is waiting for.

Conscious Woman Rising was founded as an offering and healing gesture to the world through womankind.


At the heart of it is the impulse for authentic, integrated, powerful community and conversation to wake up.  

Awakening and getting present to our true nature, embracing the call of the embodied feminine.  


It is a living vehicle and global community cultivating remembrance and connection to the great sacred feminine principal. Shaping our worldly evolution with sustainable, heart centred, feminine leadership. Striving for a loving, sustainable, holistic world.


As a conscious woman NOW is your time to rise.  


The fabric of this community are people like you, joined by transformational leaders, visionaries, wild women, sisters and global change makers, great men, from all parts of the world, who come together and share their profound wisdom, practical tools and insights to connect you to your own magnificence.

 JOIN US FOR OUR 2020 EVENT •  AUGUST 11-14 2020    

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A global community of women and men dedicated to their conscious healing and courageous authentic embodiment,  The Wisdom Circle is an outgrowth and extension of Conscious Woman Rising. 


This rich circle is about establishing compassionate connectedness, communion and wholeness with self and life. Each month, Dipika offers candid, heartfelt and engaging conversations with inspirational change makers, visionaries and thought leaders from around the globe.

The Wisdom Circle is open to all and it is free to join and participate. 


"The health of woman is essential for wellness of all beings and the planet. She is the source, the mother, the ultimate nourisher and creator."

~ Dipika Delmenico

An Amazon #1 bestseller, The Ayurvedic Woman is about reconnecting to your inherent nature as woman through simple, practical, ancient wisdom to balance and heal yourself.


It's a loving guide to creating vitality, courage, clarity, and equilibrium. It’s all about self-care and deeply loving yourself.


Looking through an ancient lens into modern times, Dipika examines the phases, cycles and seasons of a woman’s life and hormonal health. She shows you how to balance your hormones as a modern woman living in a world of constant demands and expectations, where there’s prevalence of fatigue, stress, anxiety and overwhelm.


This book is about the nature and sacred inner most anatomy of woman, and how to nourish your source for wellness and radiance in all phases and every age of life. It explores the essence and nature of woman, healing the great feminine and remembering your divine womanhood.

  “Every woman truly wishing to live all stages of their womanhood with self-love and wellness need to read this book. Dipika embodies a vast, deep wisdom of Ayurveda and the divine feminine that are shared eloquently and will empower you. This book is a legacy to all women.”

- Dr. Smita Naram, founder, Ayushakti Ayurveda  

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Discover the practical ancient wisdom of Ayurveda for vitality, clarity and balance. Plus learn real tips, tools and practices that you can use right away optimal digestion, metabolic processes and essential cleansing for vibrant life energy and ease.

The Ayurvedic Woman
The Wisdom Circle
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