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INDIA | 12-23 APRIL 2024

Presence and Being

India Retreat


Welcome to Presence & Being.


This long awaited retreat is a pilgrimage of all things reverent, resonant and resounding. It’s all about coming home to Self.  

This retreat is a rich and precious offering by
Dipika Delmenico in the pristine environs of Himālayan rural village life on the banks of the sacred Ganges River in Northern India.

12 days of communion, connection and being through sound based meditation, Ayurvedic living, Sanskrit mantra, devotional kīrtan,  gentle yogāsana and movement, powerful creative development based on intuitive methodology, nature walks and exploration, sacred site and temple visits, pure organic and delicious vegetarian food. 

Join Dipika and an intimate group of magnificent humans, like you, in the holy hub of Presence and Being.

We’ll be absorbing the stillness and sanctity of Himālayas and the sacred Ganges River.


Beginning in the foothills,  you will experience ritual, worship, the colours, fragrances and sounds of Rishikesh. Visiting sacred cave temple, forest walks and then winding up to the deep silence and traditional rural pace of village life in the mountains of Uttarkashi region.

Gentle walking, visiting local temples and meandering the network of local trails, enjoying slow, relaxed, rhythmical days and exploring the depths of our being with sound based practices, meditations, ceremony and nature observation. We will be staying in a beautiful guest house on the banks of Ganga, eating fresh, pure, organic meals.

** If enough interest, there is an optional  trek to Dodital, birth place of Lord Ganesh at the end of the retreat.


Dipika Delmenico

Dipika is an Ayurvedic Physician, Anthroposophic Naturopath, Nāda Yoga teacher, Speaker and Best Selling Author. She’s treated 1000’s of patients globally with Ayurveda healing wisdom and Mantra. She’s the founder of Conscious Woman Rising and The Radiant Woman, holistic practitioner trainings, wellness courses and programs. Dipika works therapeutically with Mantra and Sacred Sound as the original and future medicine integrating and bridging physical and spiritual sciences for true healing potential.

Dipika is in service to the renewal of ancient healing mysteries and healing the divine feminine in each of us and our planet.    



  • 12 days, 11 nights accommodation.

  • Day 1 Dinner.  

  • Day 2 Lunch.

  • Days 4-12 All community meals. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and tea. 

  • Transportation Rishikesh to Netala.

  • Local transportation for temple, sacred site visits.

  • Daily sound meditation, nāda yoga practice, kīrtan, gentle yogāsana and movement, creative development exercises based on intuitive methodology.

  • Daily satsang.

  • Guided walks and forest meanderings.

  • Temple and sacred site visits.

  • Daily schedule embracing the filaments of Ayurvedic living.

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Why Ayurveda in our retreat?

This is more than a retreat.  This is an intensive in BEING. That means you will actively dive deep into the vastness of your own presence to have the most expansive experience and saturation of coming home to rest in Self.  While relaxing, you’ll also be  a striving participant!

The environment is conducive for this having been meticulously selected to support your full experience.

Weaving the filaments of Ayurveda throughout the entire retreat planning, preparation, daily schedule and post retreat this is created to maximize your experience, resonance and transforming potential.

This begins with our pre retreat preparation. You will be expertly led through this process by Dipika, who has created an easy optional program to prepare you to travel well, be spacious, bolster your digestive capacity, clearing away accumulated metabolic sludge and junk that impedes your presence and flow.

There will be recommended reading to give you a simple, succinct and practical insight into yourself from an Ayurvedic philosophical perspective including Ayurvedic psychology. Don’t worry, it’s optional reading!

how does that work?

​Upon registering for the retreat you will have access to written and video materials to prepare yourself for the retreat.  We will also have a live video call with Dipika to answer your questions and support your retreat preparation.

We wish you to be well when you arrive. Of course illness can occur while on retreat but arriving rested and robust will support your fullest experience of this precious opportunity of a lifetime (it really is!). The experience will not only nourish and expand you but that means by it’s very nature, it may also activate, wiggle and jiggle, potentially mobilising things that may be hidden, known and unknown to you.


That’s a lot to digest! 

We wish you to be present, and as well as you can be.  That means pre-digesting, bolstering, recalibrating and creating spaciousness before you arrive to ensure you have the best possible retreat journey.

The daily schedule of the retreat is planned around Ayurvedic principles to support you in the most holistic way, being rhythmical and nourishing.  And, of course, that includes what we eat. Of course the food will be local, seasonal and grown as close to nature as possible, vegetarian and delicious.
Silence will be encouraged and embraced throughout periods most conducive to this during our retreat, as will quietude and quality rest time.

Embracing the practical healing wisdom of Ayurvedic philosophy, the retreat is designed to optimise your vibrancy and presence.



In Rishikesh your accommodation is a comfortable international Hotel with all the modern services and conveniences to ensure your wellbeing is humming!  You can take all your meals at our hotel or eat in the vast variety and options of delicious offerings available in the immediate environs.

In Netala your accomodation is a beautiful guest house situate on the banks of Ganges River, in a pristine valley, surrounded by forest and the rich melodies of bird song and traditional rural village life.  All rooms open onto a wide verandah with a truly stunning view.  It’s a great space and way to simply collapse time and BE!

Netala is described by journalists as God’s Best Kept Secret in the Heart of the Himālayas. I agree completely. Can you keep a secret?



Payment options include full payment or installment payment plan (20 days apart). There is a a non-refundable upfront payment or deposit of $500 already included in your payment to secure your spot.

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Twin Share Room

Upfront payment of $US500


Installment after 30 days - $1010

Installment after 14 days - $1010


Single Room

Upfront payment of $US500


Installment after 30 days - $1160

Installment after 14 days - $1160


  • Travel costs including flights and airport transfers

  • Travel insurance (we highly recommend you have it)

  • Additional accommodation or room upgrade from twin to single.

  • Optional Dodital trek.



Getting there.

Arriving in India from abroad, you will fly to Delhi where you can either take a connecting domestic flight to Dehradun and taxi to Rishikesh. You may also travel by taxi from Delhi to Rishikesh (travel time approx 5 hours).

You will be given details of our Rishikesh hotel accommodation address which is where we will meet.


PLEASE NOTE: Travel costs and transportation to and from the airport are not included in retreat price, you will need to organize this on your own.

Getting home again. Your departure:

Check-in on the 12th is from 3pm. Our first gathering will be dinner together at 6 pm. Feel free to arrive early, check-in, and orientate yourself. If you wish to arrive and stay at Hotel before retreat this is encouraged depending on availability. Contact details will be sent to you upon registration.

Check-out is 10am on the 23rd. Extra nights' accommodation can be booked depending on availability. Departure time will be dependant upon your ongoing travel and transportation will be organised for you and shared with other participants to Dehradun or your destination.

PLEASE NOTE: Travel costs and transportation to and from the airport are not included in retreat price. You will be responsible for the transportation cost from guest house to your destination.

Travel Requirements:

You will require a tourist visa to travel to India from abroad. E-visa tourist visa’s are straightforward to apply for online. Contact your local Indian Consulate service to see what requirements are needed.


In Australia:

Food and Diet Requirements:

All meals are vegetarian and made with seasonal, organic (where available) ingredients and produce. We will follow Ayurvedic principles where possible to support your digestion and wellbeing at all times through out our time together. When you register, you are encouraged to share and specific dietary requirements you may have.

Health and Medical:

Please bring any prescribed medications with you to the retreat. While medical services are available it is recommended you bring any prescribed medications with you.


You are also encouraged to bring any vitamins or supplements you presently take with you including those in case of acute cough, cold, flu, digestive upsets, constipation, diarrhoea, headache etc.

What to bring with you?

Full details of what to bring and how to prepare yourself with be provided upon your registration. This includes what to bring if you choose the optional Dodital trek.

Retreat Experiences, Outings and Activities:

This will be a fully immersive experience of presence and being focused on coming home to the heart of Self. All retreat activities, including excursions and daily schedule are meticulously planned to enable this to be your lived experience.

The retreat will be led by Dipika Delmenico. You will receive an immense and interactive amount of in-person, quality time with her.


A full itinerary and schedule of the retreat will be provided at a later date; and may be subject to change at Dipika’s discretion for the wellbeing of the group. However, to get an idea of what you’ll experience, and what your day may look like here are some examples of a typical day:


  • Morning sound based meditation group practice, nāda yoga vocal practice.

  • Daily gentle movement and restorative yogāsana

  • Outdoor group and individual Meditation

  • Nature walks and nature observation.

  • Journalling

  • Sanskrit Mantra and Kīrtan.

  • Ganga dips.

  • Spontaneous dance and movement!

  • Open mic where the impulse and calling create.

  • Time & space for relaxation, reflection, connection and communion with Self and others.

  • Community shared meals

  • Temple and sacred site excursions.

  • Satsang.

  • Exercises in creative development based upon intuitive methodology.

  • Options to book 1-1 Session Experiences with Dipika

  • And MORE ....

Yogāsana and Gentle Movement

The yogasana and gentle movement as a group will be restorative to support your presence and being. You can do your own stronger, more physical practice at any time you feel called and there are plenty of indoor and outdoor spaces conducive to do so.

Retreat preparation:

This is an experience that begins from the moment you say YES. We will meet via zoom in the weeks before the retreat to run through your preparation, wellbeing and answer any questions you may have. We will also meet a few weeks after the retreat to debrief and support your reassimilation after such an EPIC experience. You will be well cared for!

Payments and Refunds:

There is a non-refundable deposit of $US500 included in your payment to secure your spot. Please note that this payment is non refundable and that means it won't be returned upon cancellation.


Payment options include full payment or a two-part payment plan with payments 14 days apart. If you have other payment requirements, please email Dipika so we can address your specific requirements.




Full payment is required no later than 30 days before the retreat. A 50% refund is available until 30 days before the retreat March 12, 2024.


No refunds are available after this date.

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Combine this retreat with the Heart of Sound online teacher training in mantra, nada yoga & sound healing. Count your retreat hours towards your teacher training requirements PLUS save 10% on the teacher training with the coupon code DIPIKA.

Enter code upon checkout to adjust the price.

Curious? Book a 15min call to chat with a HoS team member about your options.

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