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Embracing deep beauty. Timeless Aging.

Your ageless beauty is timeless but that doesn’t mean not aging or anti-aging, in this magnificent, finite physical body.

Nature matures, it ages. All of nature, which includes, of course, you.

To me, it’s about maturation and aging with vitality, gracefulness, ease, purpose, wellness. It is about accepting, supporting the growth, embracing your aging which is the well spring from which comes your deepest inner beauty. It is aligned with the rhythms of your nature as a human being.

I am yet to see a plant or tree that resists it’s own nature and maturation. The beauty of nature’s growth, blossoming and eventual decline are a process. A full metabolic cycle of life.

And so it is with us.

Our metabolic cycles change throughout life and the key to our wellness is to stop resisting these changes. To fully live into our own cycles and rhythms. Yes, it’s to go with the flow! This is where you are to go if you truly wish to be the director and conductor of your feminine essence and pulsating vitality.

You can do many things cosmetically to enhance appearance and external beauty as in the eye of the beholder, but your inner cycles and maturation will only ever be as vital as your hormonal health.

Many women use synthetic hormones to control their cycles. These inorganic substances not only disturb your subtle rhythms, necessary to digest life, but interfere with all metabolic life and soul processes. They are certainly not the solutions to your pain or difficulties. Short term management perhaps but never long term authentic solutions.

Ayurveda has gifted us wonderful practices and daily routines to remain in hormonal health in all phases of life. For woman, throughout menopause and beyond.

When you understand these simple, ancient keys of wisdom and you are able to understand ageless beauty.

Embracing fully your deep inner beauty and feminine vitality is exciting. At times raw and confronting but the more anchored and awake you are, the more easily you can sit in the authentic truth of what is trying to be shared through you.

It starts, like all great processes, with listening. Listening to yourself with gentle, kind ears of your great heartspace. As an entry point I urge you to go there and roam.


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