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Nourish, Create, and Transform

“There’s a principle in ecology that nature always has the last word. And that’s what’s happening now….” ~Margaret J. Wheatley

It’s glorious to see so many people engaged and doing the 7 Day Diamond Radiance Cleanse. I marvel at how such an ancient intelligence can support every aspect of whole health in contemporary living (not to mention living in 2020).

When I think about how it works above and beyond the ayurvedic premises I’m in awe of the human centred gifts it bestows.

That means, the intelligence of this cleanse creates warmth and space for receptivity. It supports your individual ecology. Receiving nourishment, love, the impulse to create and be in service.

It creates an environment conducive for the sweet questions to be asked of yourself and life. The big “What do I want?” can soften. The hard edges around this question can melt into a space of receptivity for the answers to reveal what you yearn to know.

It’s an individual, ever changing experience to cleanse. How you feel it, observe it, embrace or resist it, depend on a combination of things including what’s accumulated within you.

This can include:

  • Your inherent constitution. Your blueprint is unique to you.

  • Your current state of health, whether you are robust and aligned, aggravated, depleted, in acute or chronic disease state.

  • Your state of mind. The quality of your mind and mental wellbeing.

  • Your phase or season of life and how that significantly influences you.

  • Your authentic relationship to yourself and life. Radically, authentic too!

  • Your meaning and understanding of life.

  • Your soul life.

  • Your interconnected relationship to all of life.


Of course, there is so much more but here’s the deal. If you set an intention to clean something up, you’ve gotta take care of the mess. All the dirty, dusty, stinky, sticky, shitty bits have to be swept up and carted away.


It can be effortless for some, but for many, it’s uncomfortable. On many levels it can be really uncomfortable. Physically, emotionally, mentally and even on a soul level you can feel discomfort. However, it is mobile and on the move.

Your job is to follow the instructions, stop resisting the natural progression of the process and support the efficiency of the elimination. The greater you are able to be at ease in the nuances of such purification, the more nourishing and sustaining the experience can be.

I’m talking about residual accumulation of living that has been building up for years, decades, perhaps even lifetimes. It takes patience, tolerance, warmth to clean up such accumulation.

Step by step. Be kind to yourself.


Just as there is an ecological principal that nature always has the last word, we cannot let the accumulation of pollution anywhere in our entire body go unattended. That’s why the wise have cleansed periodically, since the beginning of time as we know it.


For decades I’ve been sharing with you, and will continue to, about the importance of daily routines that support the rhythm of your inner nature in this physical body on earth. It’s actually not complicated. The daily rhythms are quite simple but we resist them and can make it really hard!

“Nature always has the last word. But our rebelliousness up to now has created a bloody mess”. ~ Margaret Wheatley.



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